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Client Background

The client based in the USA has various connections in the ticket booking industry. The client had a high reputation in the field of leading ticket aggregators. To overcome manual work, the client came with the idea to provide a web application. The basic requirements of the client are to develop a platform where a user can book tickets for events, concerts, and movies. The client wanted to create a one-stop ticket booking web app solution to manage all fixtures. The Home page displays the latest trending Event, Concerts, Sports, and Movies from across the world of Entertainment.

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Project Overview

The ReserveMySeat web application provides a platform for users where they can find ticket booking services. ReserveMySeat allows users to book tickets for sports, concerts, and theater, etc in real-time.

Basically, a ReserveMySeat allows a potential user to book and pay for a service directly through a website. That means from the moment a user decides they want to book a slot on the portal for services like sports, concerts, and theater from choosing a date, picking a time as per choice. Thereafter they are redirected to the payment gateway for making a transaction.

On the application, users can view all the available seats, venue, date & time, and ticket maps for online booking. Multiple Online payment options are available to make quick payments.

Business Needs

Online Event Ticket Booking app solutions is the next high-level big profit-making industry as we all know. By making the proper use of the application, there’s always a way to make the most of your website traffic and convert these eyeballs into a money-making and profitable business. There is a big audience of entertainment awaiting updates for sports events, concerts and theater bookings.

Event Ticket Booking App Development services

Our Challenges

  • Single platform for Multiple Booking Types
  • Booking slot management
  • IBM Cloudant was not able to handle the load when simultaneous multiple event tickets were being scrapped or queries with large data were getting used.
  • Lack of real-time Event Venue addition.
  • Manage users traffic Real-time
  • Cancellation of booking
  • When the Event cancels then real-time updates to all the users.
  • Reschedule update when Event Reschedule.
  • Payment Refund while Cancellation.
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Our Solution

With numerous brainstorming sessions with clients and internal technical discussions, we have brought together all the right cutting-edge technologies to deliver top performance and a seamless development process. The entire architecture of the application has been redesigned and we built it from the ground up.

Our team of application developers has developed an interactive application to fetch the right details when searched by the user. The Web application development service provides seamless navigation to access the dashboard and easy scrolling down the updated events. It brings the visitor’s attention and increases the available average time on the page. The Web application solutions are implied to archive user convenience. The website solutions help users to browse over all the popular and latest tickets for sports, concerts, and theater, etc.

Client Location


Technology Stack

Vue.js & ReactJS, AWS Server, MySQL Database, Javascript, CSS


6 Months

Event Ticket Booking App development services

Key Features

Below are some extraordinary features of the web application that make it unique.

  • The website offers the search using location-wise.
  • The website includes the latest details of all the events, concerts, and Theaters. All the updates for cancellation or reschedule the tickets.
  • The website offers every minute detail of any event along with venue, artist, available tickets, reviews of customers, etc…
  • To make a content-rich application we provided an E- venue scraping module. Users can also add stage structure in JSON format.
  • To avoid the penalty, we develop an algorithm for buying the most available tickets. Which increased the genuine buying ratio.
Event Ticket Booking App
Event Ticket Booking App
Event Ticket Booking App
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Why Fullstackdevteams?

We have high-level, knowledgeable experts who constantly monitor the latest technologies and guide the team to become experts in their specific field.

So that our resources can meet clients’ complex needs.

We have dedicated employees to keep in touch with our team and clients to make sure everything is going well.

We are proud that we have been very helpful, customer satisfaction has increased, the ticket sales curve has become higher and higher, and because of this, the client has expanded their operational resources.

Change is the only Constant!

Since launch, we have helped push numerous updates. We additionally help the client to develop a Mobile app to make the booking easier and hassle-free. We pleasure ourselves by supporting them to keep growing.

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