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Client Background

The client belongs to a USA Service based company with multiple types of services. He wanted to create a solution for the Management department on various solutions for the assigned scheduled work to workers. The client is in the service-based industry, So the client comes with the idea to manage the employee work schedule etc.

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Project Overview

Megacity empower Management has been a skilled and customer-focused mechanical contracting company and an employee management app solution to operations management. MEM uses skilled labor to provide exceptional plumbing, pipefitting/pipe fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, HVAC/R, energy management/building management systems, medical gas, fire and smoke/fire damper test and repair, and preventative maintenance services to our customers. We strive to use our expertise to be a valued extension of your building maintenance team.

The MEM application is a hub for scheduling work for employees professionally and efficiently. The Employee Management application user interface is built easy to assign and distribute employee work schedules quickly. In the application, the Manager can assign multiple work schedules to the laborers and assign a supervisor for the work.

Benefits to using the MEM are Creating a work schedule quickly, Sharing instantly with others, and Managing from anywhere. All Information under one roof. Send notifications and keep manages up-to-date with detailed work information labors like time, location, tasks to complete, additional notes, attachments, and more.

Business Needs

A client came with an idea, wherein he can assign and manage his workforce. The client had a requirement wherein his workforce was required at multiple sites on the same day. The allocation and assignment of the work was a hassle for management, supervisor, and laborers.

Employee Management App Development Services

Our Challenges

Our team of developers had to face the challenges of creating a user-friendly interface that is easy and unique.

  • Control Dashboard for managing the jobs.
  • Manage the work orders
  • Manage the work schedule status
  • Manage the working hours as per the jobs completed by the employee
  • Manage the Manpower based on services
Employee Management App Development Solutions

Our Solution

As the best mobile and web development company, our developers used the combined framework and the architecture. As the app serves a large number of users, the combined framework helps multithreading, concurrency and memory management.

We created an employee management system application that allows authorized persons to assign the work to the laborers and supervisor location-wise. An authorized person can assign the work schedule and view the detailed status of working progress. A supervisor can view all the assigned schedules and due dates and times.

MEM has built its reputation as customer-focused and provides services in many industries like Construction, Healthcare, Industrial, commercial, etc.

Client Location


Technology Stack

Angular with Redux, NodeJs(Sequilize ORM), MySQL


4 Months

Employee Management Software Solutions

Key Features

Below are some extraordinary features of the mobile application that make it unique.

  • Manpower Management
  • Billing for Jobs
  • Payroll Management
  • View Pending Jobs
  • Audio Call
  • Manage Calendar
  • Notification
  • View Job Status
  • Reports and analytics
  • Purchase Management
  • Daily Reporting
Project Screen
Project Screen
Project Screen
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We are proud that we have been very helpful, customer satisfaction has increased, the ticket sales curve has become higher and higher, and because of this, the client has expanded their operational resources.

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Since launch, we have helped push numerous updates. We pleasure ourselves by supporting them to keep growing.

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