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Client Background

The client belongs to a US respected Advocate firm. They wanted to create a social media app solution for the advocates and Legislators. Legal Counsel Community is revolutionizing public policy by connecting Advocates with Legislators in real-time.

Social Networking Application Development

Project Overview

Legal Counsel Community improves public policy by bringing communication within state capitols into the Century. The social networking application allows advocates and lobbyists to reach legislators with relevant information and suggestions to improve legislative outcomes. Legal Counsel Community does not represent any government agency and is not affiliated with any government body. Legal Counsel Community is revolutionizing public policy by connecting Advocates with Legislators.

The app mainly targets advocates and legislators who can connect with each other to make good public policy. Advocates can instantly connect with every legislator for better public policy.

Legal Counsel Community is an application in which users can do registration as Advocates and legislators. Users can create profiles and view all the bills. Advocates can share their opinion on bills for example like, dislike and neutral. Users can view all the connections and view all the legislators. An advocate can manage the staff and multiple organizations on application. While supporting any bill users can share the summary and detailed description of why the user will support the bill.

Business Needs

A platform to connect to the group of advocates and Legislators. Any bill to be pass in the house of parlament, Using this application advocates can share their opinion/views to the registered legislators in the application. The application will provide an overview of the particular bill whether it should be passed or not. The client wants to create one social community app platform for a group of advocates and Legislators for this, So the client comes with the idea for this and we create it into a reality.

Social Media App Development

Our Challenges

  • Advance Search
  • Manage the Post
  • Simplicity
  • Branding of Application
  • Consistency
  • Navigation
  • Target Resources
  • Clarity
Social Networking App solutions

Our Solution

Once our development team understand all the features and requirements related to the Mobile Application, we brainstormed different technologies and functionalities suitable for the application.

We have appointed a dedicated project manager and scrum master to work with the client for technical requirements and feature planning. Dedicated Backend Frontend developers to ensure everything was on track and we didn't miss a single point. The whole team works together to fulfill all the requirements.

Also we developed two users for applications for Advocates and Legislators.

Client Location


Technology Stack

Ionic, node js, MySQL


6 Months

Social Networking Application Development

Key Features

  • Post bill, View bill and shared detailed feedback on the bills.
  • Follow/Unfollow other Users
  • Invite other users
  • Submit suggestions
  • Add Favourites
  • Deliver your thoughts in just few clicks on the bill
  • Manage the administration easier
  • Bill activity at a glance
  • Any where, anytime access
Project Screen
Project Screen
Project Screen
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