Employerr - Employee Management System Application

Client Background

The client belongs to a USA construction company with a huge number of employees. He wanted to create an employee management app solution for the Management department on various solutions for the assigned scheduled work to employees location-wise and payroll. The client is in the construction industry, So the client comes with the idea to manage the employee work schedule etc

Employee Management Software  System

Project Overview

The Employerr mobile application is a hub for scheduling work for employees professionally and efficiently. The application user interface is built to assign and distribute employee work schedules quickly.

In application admin can assign multiple work schedules to the employee. An employee can start and complete the scheduled work on the application then move to the next work schedule. Work status of resources tracking based on Geo-fencing. Get all the scheduling updates with GPS stamps, status changes, and messages. In real-time, you are notified when staff acknowledge or reject, check-in late, or complete a task.

Benefits to using the Employerr are Creating a work schedule quickly, Sharing instantly with others and Managing from anywhere. All Information under one roof. Send push notifications and keep employees up-to-date with detailed work information like time, location, tasks to complete, additional notes, attachments, and more. Application users are notified when a shift is published, changed, or canceled, and always have access to their full itinerary.

Business Needs

Client company working on multiple projects and sites where his workforce will require location of work change on a frequent basis. He wants to remove the issue of knowing where the employee was currently working on what site they have worked on the day and allocation of the work to a particular site.

Employee Management Applications

Our Challenges

  • Google map customization
  • Real-Time Tracking of Employee and Time Tracker
  • Route Optimization
  • Control Dashboard
  • Manage the Task Start and Complete the based on location moving.
  • Improved schedule management
Employee Management Software Solutions

Our Solution

As the best mobile and web development company, our developers used the combined framework and the architecture. As the app serves a large number of users, the combined framework helps multithreading, concurrency and memory management.

We created an Employee Management System Application that allows authorized persons to assign the work schedule for the employees. An authorized person can assign the work schedule. Employees can view all the assigned schedules and due dates and times.

Employerr means creating schedules and tracking employee time and attendance. More advanced versions may also feature employee forecasting and robust analytics with industry benchmarks to improve decision-making.

Client Location


Technology Stack

Ionic 4, MySQL, PHP


6 Months

Employee Management App Solutions

Key Features

Below are some extraordinary features of the mobile application that make it unique.

  • Real-time Tracking
  • Chat and Audio Call
  • Manage Calendar
  • Pending Schedule
  • Notification
  • Start and stop work schedule
  • Reports and analytics
  • Payroll Management
  • Daily Reporting
Project Screen
Project Screen
Project Screen
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