Top Python Frameworks In 2023 That You Must Know

Top Python Frameworks In 2023 That You Must Know

The popularity of python development has steadily increased in the digitalized era, and it is considered the most popular programming language globally. This programming language is an interpreted and advanced programming language with robust libraries and an easy-to-use syntax that makes it unique compared to other web development languages. Python Frameworks for Web Development are the popular choice among the bigger companies as they require fewer lines of code and ease a developer’s work to achieve the goal.

The bigger companies like Instagram, Netflix, Dropbox etc., have used the python framework as it helps them to get top-notch performance. A developer may choose this framework to offer a clear code structure to the business throughout the planning process, SQL injection flaws, MVC designing process, cross-site scripting, and file execution. If you want to develop a user-friendly website, select the right Python Frameworks for Web Development.

Which Python Framework Is Suitable For Your Web Development?


1. Django

Django is a popular high-level or open-source web framework that supports rapid web design and development. It was built in 2005. The demand for Django is high among web developers because of the unique features that make it easy to operate and function smoothly. It has been identified that this python framework is helpful for developers as it avoids different security mistakes.

Moreover, a developer can use this framework to launch web applications within hours. With this framework, you can get a secure way to manage the passwords and accounts of the users through the user authentication system. If you want to use this framework, you must consult the right python development services to enhance the performance of your website.

2. CherryPy

CherryPy is a well-known object-oriented web python framework. This framework is considered to be a simple method to develop web applications. It has the unique feature of a flexible plugin system that helps web development. This framework offers a powerful configuration system; built-in profiling, testing and coverage support; built-in tools for encoding, caching, authentication, sessions, and static content; and WSGI thread-pooled web server and HTTP/1.1-compliant that helps the developers to develop the web more effectively. If you want to use this framework within your web development process, ask your Python Web Development Company how it can benefit your website.

3. Flask

Flask was built in 2010 as a popular Python web framework. This framework is used for the development of more complex web applications. It has been identified that Flask does not enforce any project layout or dependencies. Popular companies like Netflix, Lyft, etc., have used this python framework to enhance their website performance.

This python framework has unique features that make it different from other frameworks. Its features include a built-in development debugger and server, a plugin in ORM, integrated unit testing support and code, and the Werkzeug WSGI toolkit and Jinja2 template. Professional python development services prefer this framework to utilize its unique features.

4. Bottle

If you are looking for a simple, lightweight, and fast WSGI micro-web python framework for web development, then Bottle can be the ideal choice. It has been identified that this framework depends on the standard Python library. It has convenient access to create headers, data, cookies, file uploads, and other HTTP-related metadata.

This python framework runs with python 3.6+ and 2.7. The Bottle has a pythonic and fast built-in template engine that supports cheetah, mako, and jinja2 templates. Moreover, this framework supports Google App Engine, cherrypie, Bjoern, fapws3, or other WSGI HTTP servers with the built-in HTTP development server.

5. Web2Py

Web2Py is an open-source and free web python framework for secure and agile database-driven web application development. This python framework is specially designed to provide better guidance to the developers to perform the right software engineering practices using the MVC pattern. It writes SQL dynamically by using a Database Abstraction Layer.

Moreover, this full-stack framework follows well-established practices and automatically addresses different issues that result in security vulnerabilities. Hiring a reputed Python Web Development Company can help you to understand how it can benefit your web development process.

6. Falcon

Falcon is a popular python framework developed in 2016. This framework uses a WSGI library for developing app backends and speedy web APIs. It has PyPy 3.5+ and CPython 3.5+ support. Many python development services or developers prefer this python web framework because it offers extra flexibility, performance, and reliability. Moreover, it has the unique features of a highly extensible and optimized codebase.

DRY request processing is used in this framework via middleware hooks and components. In addition, this framework offers easy access to bodies and headers through the response objects and requests. Many popular organizations like LinkedIn, RackSpace, OpenStack, etc., have adopted this python framework to make clear designs for REST and HTTP architecture of the website.

7. CubicWeb

CubicWeb is an open-source and free semantic web application framework. This framework is helpful for web developers as it allows them to develop the application by following object-oriented design principles and reusing components. It is beneficial to fulfill common needs using a reusable components library. This framework has RQL (relational query language), a query language.

The open-source framework offers reusable components and security. Moreover, it supports RDF (Resource Description Framework) and OWL (Web Ontology Language). A reputed Python Web Development Company can help you to integrate this python framework within your web development process.


When looking for the best Python Frameworks for Web Development, now you have the top 7 list of python frameworks such as Web2Py, Falcon, CubicWeb, Bottle, Django, Flask, and CherryPy that can help in your web development process. Each framework has unique features that can help meet one’s business and project requirements. When you want to choose the best Python framework to build your web application, you must allow your developer to find the right one for you because the selection of the frameworks depends completely on your project requirements.


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