The Best 7 Hybrid App Development Frameworks 2022

The Best 7 Hybrid App Development Frameworks 2022

Mobile apps are diversifying into different platforms and suitable formats. While mobile apps are becoming cross-platform and progressive for better functionality, other mobile app development types include the hybrid model.

The hybrid mobile app development model offers developers multiple advantages, including ease of development and code writing.

Today, many development platforms support Hybrid App Development. Read the next section to know more about the top hybrid app development frameworks.

The Top 7 Hybrid App Development Frameworks

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1. React Native

The React Native framework is a Java Script dependent app development framework ideal for developing mobile apps. The framework uses declarative components to create an interactive UI and UX. The mobile app framework was first created by Meta or Facebook and has supported multiple types of mobile apps, even the hybrid model ones.

A developer has the simplicity of code development here because the developer can easily choose reusable elements from iOS and android to create apps with JavaScript and React.

The React Native framework is versatile and can create complex, hybrid apps for different operating systems. Therefore, in React, many developers prefer native to create new apps for different devices.

2. Ionic Framework

The Ionic framework is not just a platform for hybrid apps but also a complete SDK used for hybrid app development. The SDK is an open-source suite and can be used free by developers.

Moreover, the Ionic framework also has compatibility with multiple app languages like CSS, HTML5, and Sass. The different languages can be used to create multiple features of a hybrid app.

The framework is created and backed by MIT. With the help of MIT’s vast community of developers and programmers, the developers using Ionic can benefit in their development process. Apps built with this framework can be either accessed by the web or installed on the devices with the help of Cordova.

The SDK has more than 120 native-like features that a developer can integrate into the app to create complete application software. The CLI can create and test the apps for any platform and launch it on them.

Instead of compiling and relaunching the app at every development step, you can use the life reload option. The live reload option helps in rapid compilation and proper application launching. The Ionic framework also allows advanced API integration and testing.

Moreover, it also offers features like AOT compilation and deep linking for better hybrid app development. Ionic is also supported by React Native, Angular, Vue, and Preact.

Therefore, it is a complete hybrid app development SDK that works well for many developers. Developers can easily develop, deploy and test apps on the framework.

3. Native Script

The Native Script framework is a framework that supports application development using JavaScript language or any other language allied with the JavaScript module. The framework is also compatible with deep Angular components used for app development.

The mobile app framework allows the development of full-stack features and supports hybrid app development from the ground up. The CLI extended by Native Script is a good one and developer-friendly. The framework also offers router support and code generation ease for developers.

The framework also integrates with the Vue framework for Vue CLI, Vuex, and other Vue.js features. The features are used to create new and advanced hybrid apps.

Although the apps developed with Native Script are native, they also include features that help them function as web apps and retain some hybrid app functionalities.

Moreover, the Native Script platform allows the developers to recycle their elements from third-party libraries like Cocoapods, Maven, and Android Arsenal. The framework facilitates the integration of elements without the use of additional wrappers.

4. Quasar

Quasar is a popular hybrid app development framework that can be used for developing a code in a single development cycle but is relevant for reusability across other platforms. The code developed can be simultaneously used to run as a desktop app, a website, and a mobile app.

When client companies want useful apps on every device, the Quasar developed application codes are one of the best for multiple platforms and device types.

The Quasar platform follows the guidelines of Google material to develop industry-standard apps. The platform is known for developing best-in-class UI components for hybrid apps.

The app development platform supports CSS and HTML5 languages for code writing and UI development. The framework also supports cache busting and source mapping, and tree shaking.

The platform also allows accessibility feature integration for amplified functionalities and usage on multiple platforms. Many developers dub the app development framework a performance-focused framework that boosts app functions across platforms.

The app development framework also supports a hot reload feature which optimizes the app run performance during testing and deployment.

5. Kendo UI

The Kendo UI is also a JavaScript-supported library of UI components used with Angular, JQuery, React, etc. The Kendo framework belongs to the same organization that floated the Native Script framework. The framework is known to create app code frameworks for high-performance and functionality hybrid apps.

The app development framework is an open-source framework, but it is not free of cost. The framework is meant for app development companies and development teams rather than freelancers and individuals.

Therefore, the cost of usage of Kendo UI is less in the long run. The framework provides world-class support to its clients and has a strict QA process that creates the best hybrid apps for the market.

Apart from these top five hybrid app frameworks for Mobile App Development, other app development frameworks are best for Hybrid Mobile App Development. Two more such app development frameworks are-

6. Aurelia

Aurelia is a collection of JavaScript modules used for modern mobile app development for hybrid purposes. The framework is useful for developers who are trained in JS and TypeScript.

7. Onsen UI

Onsen UI was first released in 2013 and has introduced many updates. The framework comes with ease of use and supports multiple design language components.

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