What Makes Flutter An Excellent App Development Platform?

What Makes Flutter An Excellent App Development Platform?

To enjoy constant growth and attract more customers to your business, you need to develop an app that can be used on different devices, like laptops, mobile phones, and more. Besides, you will also have to make sure that the features and look of your app remain constant on those devices. You will need a powerful and highly secure cross-platform framework that can offer facilities like reusability of codes, responsive performance, and more. This is where you can always trust Flutter.

Is Flutter Best for Your App Development?

Introduced by Google, Flutter is an open-source SDK- Software Development Kit and most app developers opt for Flutter App Development when it comes to developing hybrid applications.

All the apps developed using Flutter comes with an impressive UI, and you don’t even need a platform-specific app development codebase while using Flutter.

Some of The Major Reasons to Choose Flutter App Development


1. Rapid App Development

One of the major features of this platform is the Hot Reload. This feature allows the developer to immediately implement necessary changes in the apps, leading to faster app development. Thanks to its impressive widget-based UI design, you can now enjoy the rapid development of your cross-platform app.

2.Powerful Dart Language

Another major reason businesses are now opting for Flutter App Development Services is that its platform uses a unique Dart app development programming language instead of Typescript or JavaScript. As per the experts, compared to React Native, Dart has made the debugging process easier. Besides, it offers speed and superior performance.

3.Flawless Firebase Integration

Firebase is a popular Backend-as-a-Service platform for app development. By integrating Google’s Firebase in Flutter, app developers can simplify different tasks, such as web analytics, database management, crash reporting, etc. Besides, the platform also has the 2D Flare feature using which developers can develop animated, interactive apps, games, cool UIs, and more.

4.Availability of Different Open-Source Packages

Flutter comes with a lot of open-source packages that are free to use. So, now the developers can choose the type of library or package they can use without affecting the crucial function of the app. App developers can use some free packages like SQLite Flutter Ecommerce, HTTP, Frideon_Flutter, Loading Animations, in_app_purchase, and more.

5.Highly Personalized and Impressive Widgets

Flutter comes with different widgets, easily customizable layers, and interactive materials using which one can craft vibrant UIs and dynamic designs. It has simplified the development task for the developers. The platform has two different widgets, i.e., Material Design and Cupertino widgets.


Flutter utilizes Dart language, and it can easily comply with native code. It offers better performance. Besides, among the all cross-platform toolkits, Flutter has the best in class security features.

Some of The Most Popular Apps That Have Been Developed in Flutter

Some well-known companies have used Flutter’s hot reloads, material design, and other impressive functionalities to develop robust apps. The brands that have used Flutter are:


  1. Groupon App
  2. Reflectly
  3. Google Ads
  4. Hamilton Musical
  5. PostMuse
  6. KlasterMe and more

A Perfect Platform for Cross-Platform App Development

Why do most companies choose Flutter App Development to meet their cross-platform app development requirement? Have a look at the following reasons.

It allows crafting eye-catching and dynamic UIs quite faster-using layers, widgets, and various interactive materials.

Flutter can easily handle the rendering in pixels. It makes sure that all the widgets appear the same on a different device. Besides, the users will not face any incompatible device issues.

Using the same codebase, you can create apps for the web, desktop, iOS, and android.

Estimated Cost to Develop Your App Using Flutter

When it comes to developing an app, the first thing that will come to your mind is the cost. Well, the good thing is that Flutter App Development is quite affordable. Have a look at the cost of developing a mobile app using this platform.

If you want to develop a simple app, then the cost of app development using Flutter will be around USD 25,000 to USD 35,000.

For a complex app with many features, you may need to spend around USD 40,000 to USD 50,000 if you want to use Flutter.

You will find Flutter an affordable mobile app development solution compared to other app development platforms.

How Will Flutter Continue to Get Better In 2022?

If you are a mobile app developer or a Flutter App Development company, you can still use Flutter in 2022, as the platform has been made more efficient and safer with the latest updates. Some of the impressive things that you should know about are:

The package ecosystem migration and plugin migration have shepherded to null safety in this platform.

The performance, as well as ergonomics in the iOS and Android applications, has been improved.

The company has decided to offer production-quality and prompt support for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Web.

Flutter has launched the Casual Games Toolkit to allow the app developer to build different games using Flutter.

Besides, they have introduced the Happy Paths project to help the developers to the level of their app development skills.

There is no doubt that the app development possibilities with Flutter are endless. This app development technology can be an excellent choice for you in the below-mentioned circumstances.

When you are searching for a powerful platform to develop MVP- Minimum Viable Product for your company.

When you want to develop an iOS and Android app with an impressive UI that will be reliable and can offer faster results, seamless UX.

If you want to launch your business app faster in the market and rank it higher in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Now you understand why Flutter is a good choice for app development, it’s time to choose the best Flutter App Development Services to develop your dream business mobile app with seamless UX and top-notch UI.

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