What Are The 16 Most Popular React Native Apps Of 2022?

What Are The 16 Most Popular React Native Apps Of 2022?

React Native is a JavaScript development framework that uses React to create iOS and Android user interfaces. Developers can thus reuse code across mobile and web platforms. Facebook developed React Native, released in 2015 and has only grown since. We love React Native for several reasons, including that it is open-source, cross-platform, and simple to learn.

Additionally, it provides a native interface, reduces development times, and facilitates changes. But don’t rely solely on what we say! This article will look at the 16 most popular React Native apps available in 2022 to show you the amazing things this framework can do.

What Are The Top 16 Most Popular React Native Apps In 2022?

Popular React Native Apps

1. Instagram

Instagram, one of the most talked-about social media platforms acquired by Facebook a long time ago, now has an easy maintenance routine provided by Instagram React Native. It’s not surprising that Instagram prefers React Native.

Instagram has adopted React Native because of its integrated push notifications, attractive user interface, faster feature delivery, increased developer speed, and other benefits. Instagram’s view and user interface are greatly simplified due to this technology, as is code sharing functionality between iOS and Android.

2. Bloomberg

Bloomberg wanted a high-quality mobile app that would provide a sophisticated user experience and personalized content when it decided to develop one. They chose React Native for this reason.

Bloomberg engineers were able to quickly and easily rebuild the company’s Android and iOS consumer apps and add several novel features thanks to this cross-platform framework. The development team completed the entire process in just five months, roughly half the time it would have taken to use native technologies.

3. Ads Manager

Again, Ads Manager is the first complete React Native app owned by Facebook that is cross-platform in nature. It provides a great user experience thanks to its appealing user interface, insightful user experience, and simple navigational steps.

It was first made available for Android, then for iOS. Because it enables Facebook users to continue viewing and monitoring their paid marketing campaigns from their mobile devices, the Ads Manager is an essential tool for the online community.

In terms of currency, payment, time zone, ad format, and other complexities, React Native and the JavaScript framework can handle them all. Another advantage of React Native is that the animation controls and transitions don’t have flaws and look very natural. The entire appearance and feel are quick and effective, making them pleasing to the eye.

4. Walmart

For the web, Walmart had already selected React. Therefore, using React Native for the company’s mobile app projects was only logical. Walmart received several advantages from selecting React Native, including a conveyed company logic with the existing React web app, a significant increase in unit code testability, and a doubled development speed.

The resulting mobile app has many features, including a scanner, an item finder, shopping lists, and order tracking. The Walmart Shopping & Grocery app was one of the best React Native apps in 2022 due to all of this.

5. Discord

Discord is a well-liked and free voice and chats application, especially among social media and game enthusiasts. Their iOS and Android versions share nearly all of their code thanks to React Native, allowing for faster development and simpler maintenance. It was initially implemented for the iOS version of Discord, but due to its advantages, such as code reuse and a shorter development time, it was also implemented for Android.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest is about working together, sharing ideas, and exchanging images and videos. Pinterest is a popular social media platform that involves many user interactions. As a result, they were able to develop a portal that is robust, scalable, and easy to use with the assistance of React Native. The advantages of using React Native are demonstrated in Pinterest’s mobile app, which can be accessed from any location.

7. Tesla

The well-liked Tesla app enables owners to communicate directly with their vehicles. This app lets you do a lot: check the charging time, check your car’s heating and cooling, lock and unlock from a distance, find or diagnose your vehicle, etc. React Native was used to creating this app for Powerwall battery owners and owners of electric cars.

A user interface with a dark theme is appealing and resembles a game. React Native was chosen by Tesla because it made it attainable for Android and iOS apps to share the same qualities. Tesla car owners can now unlock and lock their vehicle, track their location, and heat or cool it from their mobile app.

8. Vogue

Vogue is a well-known name when it comes to covering the most recent developments in the fashion, celebrity, beauty, home, travel, entertainment, and food industries. The Vogue magazine app uses React Native as its foundation and allows users to explore the entertainment industry.

9. Windows from Microsoft

React Native does not restrict mobile users! React Microsoft uses native in its Windows 11 Settings App. The team wanted to balance native and web versions regarding functionality and user experience. They wanted to avoid having to duplicate code to reuse code.

It was made feasible by React Native! They could use the fidelity, performance, and accessibility of the native platform to share business code logic, deliver new features to customers, and boost developers’ productivity simultaneously.

10. Facebook

Facebook, which is now Meta, was the company that brought React Native to the world and made it the well-liked framework it is today. React Native was developed to simplify and improve app development efficiency.

Facebook needed to ensure that its mobile users had the best possible experience because the company already had a significant presence on desktop platforms. React Native was initially only available for iOS, but it soon became clear that it was also compatible with Android, making Facebook one of the most widely used mobile applications.

11. Coinbase

Coinbase is probably the most widely used cryptocurrency trading app. The app, according to the developers, “was nearly indistinguishable from a fully native product” when it was first released. Coinbase ran into a few issues as the app added more features. However, the developers rose to the occasion and achieved a performance boost of ninety per cent.

12. NerdWallet

Is it safe to trust React Native with your money? You can, yes! Take, for instance, the personal finance analysis app NerdWallet. Since 2017, it has been successfully run on various technologies, with React Native playing a significant role.

13. Mercari

Although the initial release of Mercari React Native occurred seven years ago, some businesses continue to rewrite their OS-native applications using this framework. In 2021, the Mercari app’s developers switched from Swift and Kotlin to the framework.

The reason was to take advantage of React Native’s advantages, which include code reuse, increased engineering throughput, improved performance, cross-platform initiatives, accessibility support, and other features.

14. Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass can be written in React Native because Microsoft uses it for Windows applications. The Xbox app provides smooth animations, a premium experience, and video play. Xbox developers can target a large audience beyond mobile with React Native. The app is now faster, safer, and easier to use thanks to React’s native capabilities.

15. Tableau

Due to its cross-platform capabilities, Tableau began rewriting its applications in React Native in 2017. In those days, they weren’t adequately huge to deal with isolated codebases for Android and iOS. They switched to React Native due to its speedy iterations, increased productivity, compatibility across platforms, communities, and ease of integration with native code.

16. Gyroscope

Gyroscope is a health app that, among many other features, tracks your online productivity, sleep patterns, and eating habits. Respond Local gave the Whirligig group the likelihood to create their application without re-evaluating the work.

In addition, it made it simple to quickly put new ideas into action and visually present a wide range of statistics and personal health data. Additionally, Gyroscope is integrated with Fitbit and Apple watches thanks to React Native.


The evolution of technology in its entirety has been truly remarkable. A clear illustration is mobile app development, which is progressing at a rate few anticipated. Mobile app developers use cutting-edge web technologies on mobiles and other smart devices. As you can see, the best companies that use React Native apps have very different approaches, business goals, and industries.

Their apps range from straightforward information and entertainment to intricate analytics and cutting-edge technology. Therefore, if you want to develop your app in 2022, you should probably look at a case using the framework. Naturally, there are many more custom applications written in React Native, and we can see that the framework is getting more and more used in the future.

With a unique local area development and higher prevalence, we will undoubtedly see many more Respond Local applications spring up soon. In the field of cross-platform and hybrid app development, React Native has been a ground-breaking technology. React Native has a bright future thanks to its numerous benefits, which include an increasing number of apps and developer enthusiasm!


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